Intent Journal believes unequivocally in the need for a more responsible, honest and balanced global fashion industry.

Redefining the role of fashion media and embracing its responsibility to critique not merely document, Intent questions the current fashion system and its environmental, social and psychological impact. We are interested in the interconnectedness of fashion and the need to develop an industry standard that values human welfare and the health of our ecosystem.

We do not wish to oversimplify systemic issues or define the subjective term ‘ethical fashion’; instead, we explore the varying interpretations and how these can be reflected in our lifestyles and the way we do business.

At its core, fashion relies on natural resources and human touch. Recognising that the current system is broken, we hope to assist in its repair by continually asking Intent readers to be more mindful of their impact.

We reconnect the designer, maker and wearer in support of transparency and respect for process, and encourage people to value what they own on a deeper level—to gain a better understanding of garment lifecycle and ultimately redefine their sense of value.

The Intent community is a diverse network of creatives seeking to debunk the stigma around ‘ethical fashion’ and cultivate a solutions-driven platform. We engage people from all disciplines as we believe that everyone has a role to play in disrupting the status quo—even you. Our content is shaped by the knowledge and expertise of makers, retailers, farmers, educators, unionists, designers, environmentalists, sourcing specialists, regulators, policy makers and more. It is this broad input that helps us build a more credible and balanced platform.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about our mission, or if you would simply like to connect.