Exploring the relationship between people and style, Intent Journal is interested in how personal values inform the way we live and work.

As a platform that celebrates the role fashion can have in our lives, Intent aims to reconnect the designer, maker, and wearer—encouraging people to value what they buy on a deeper level.

Intent’s content is shaped by the core messages of the Slow movement. While we explore what are essentially
old-fashioned beliefs, we present our content in a way that resonates with a contemporary audience—inspiring
a greater respect for craftsmanship and a more thorough understanding of the lifecycle of items.

Intent does not claim to have all the answers to today’s social and environmental issues. We do however feel
it’s important to be more mindful and take the time to understand how values influence attitudes toward consumption; in particular fashion.

Put simply, we ask that people slow down, think more, and learn to live happier with less.