This series showcases the talent and craftsmanship of our dear friends in New Zealand. The labels featured are committed to supporting local industry, and all believe in the value of overseeing the making process. They offer high quality keepsakes for those looking for more mindful design and slow execution. All clothes, art, ceramics, jewellery and shoes throughout the series have been made in New Zealand, as well as the fresh veggies which were sourced from a local farmers' market.

Adam Bryce

Emma Gleason

ONE: Miss Crabb shirt, Penny Sage merino knit, Meadowlark earrings, vintage belt, vase and mug by Houston Design Co, sculpture by Amy Unkovich, painting by Emma McIntyre.
TWO: Mahsa shirt, Natalia Peri earrings, MN Uniform apron.
THREE:Sherie Muijs jacket, Mahsa shirt, Georgia Alice skirt, Meadowlark earrings, vase by Houston Design Co.
FOUR: Sherie Muijs jacket, Miss Crabb skirt, Georgia Alice dress, Meadowlark earrings, slides by Esther Leonard, bowl by Houston Design Co.
FIVE: Penny Sage dress, Georgia Alice top, Natalia Peri earrings.
SIX: KM Marks cotton dress, Georgia Alice sleeved dress, Natalia Peri earrings, vintage belt, slides by Esther Leonard.
SEVEN: Mahsa shirt, Natalia Peri earrings, mug and bowl by Houston Design Co.
EIGHT: Sherie Muijs jacket, MN Uniform apron, Georgia Alice dress, Meadowlark earrings, mug by Houston Design Co.

Michelle & Yuuki at Stephen Marr

Eve Sorenson

Ngahuia Williams